Manning’s Auction Company – is a cutting edge leader in the auction industry with extensive experience in innovative marketing solutions and converting assets to cash. We are fully committed to delivering the quality of service you deserve and expect.


Real Estate Auctions – The real estate auction is definitely a win-win proposition for everyone involved. The seller disposes of properties quickly and efficiently, thereby saving long-term carrying costs such as interest, real estate taxes, and maintenance. For the buyer, this can mean a smart investment, since properties are usually purchased at fair market value through competitive bidding. Because the auction sale is conducted on an open forum, both motivated buyers and motivated sellers have the assurance of watching the property’s true market value emerge as the bidding process progresses. For both buyer and seller, fair market values for the property prevail. An auction creates competition among buyers and exposes the property to a large number of pre-qualified prospects. Because it is an accelerated sale, property can often be sold within 6 weeks of listing. For the agent, auctions can mean an increased client and customer base, as well as increased profits.


Non-Profit Benefit Auctions – Manning’s Auction Company believes in high ethical standards and adheres to a strict code of ethics established by the National Auctioneers Association and the Texas Auctioneers Association. We are full-time professional, licensed auctioneers who specialize in benefit auctions, and serve arts and cultural associations, churches, schools, hospitals, universities, civic and social clubs and other non-profit organizations.

Our company ranks among the most experienced benefit auction teams in America! We have raised millions of dollars since 1980. Our highly trained professional staff knows how to organize an auction to benefit you the most…from the initial phone call to the final check, you can count on Manning’s Auction Company to deliver for you.


Farm and Ranch Auctions – Manning’s Auction Company sells farm and ranch real estate and equipment throughout the state of Texas. Our specialty is selling by auction for a multitude of reasons–perhaps to settle an estate, retire, pay off debt, dissolve a partnership or corporation, a divorce, and/or purchasing to add to your current operation or as an investment opportunity. We are realistic, competent, and experienced with over 30+ years in the auction business. We’ll work hard for you, aggressively market your property, and handle your affairs with integrity and transparency. Our goals are simple: Achieve the highest price for the SELLER, provide the BUYER every opportunity to purchase, and to end with a POSITIVE sales experience.


Factory and Warehouse Liquidation Auctions – Our staff brings a wealth of industrial, technical, and professional experience, having served 30+ years in the business as industry leaders. Projects of all sizes are conducted with a dedication to insure our clients always achieve the highest possible value for all assets entrusted to us. We accomplish this through the experience and knowledge that can only be developed through lessons learned over time. Every single auction campaign, large and small, is treated as a unique event with its own customized strategy. To us, it’s all about sharing success, so we can continue a legacy of building and developing long lasting relationships that honor our trusted clients, colleagues and partners.